Community Manager

Attracts and supports developers and partners with a customized, secure online API Portal.

Community Manager unites API providers and App developers through a single common portal that can be easily branded and customized.


Business analytics capabilities allow for tracking product, customer and monetization trends.

The platform can also help identify new opportunities and provide insights to improve business models.

Customer Relationship Management for Mortgage Industry

Making the home buying experience simple and enjoyable for its customers from start to finish.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach to managing a company's interaction with current and potential future customers.

Gloria Jeans US

E-Commerce platform for Gloria Jean's Coffees, the largest mall based retailer of specialty coffees in North America and the leading specialty coffee retailer, specializing in flavored coffees.

Gloria Jeans AUS

E-Commerce platform for Gloria Jean’s Coffees International Pty Ltd with 400+ coffee houses in Australia and with international presence in 39 markets around the world.

Hospital Services Comparison Solution

Transparency tool created to provide relative price, quality and patient experience.

Everyone should have the information they need when it comes to making decisions about their health. We're creating the first healthcare value transparency tool for everybody.

IEEE Aerospace
Annual Conference Management Solution (Web and Mobile)

The Annual International Conference for Aerospace Experts, Academics, Military Personnel, and Industry Leaders.

Travel Mobile Apps

iPi was founded by travelers, for travelers. The founders realized that accepting stranger’s advice online had become the norm and are aiming to build a trusted way of travel based on friends curations.

Jewish Educational Media
Asset Management Application

Management of various types of assets from pictures, to audio and video assets that the Jewish Educational Media owns.

The platform streamlines the publishing channels (streaming, mobile, web and printing).

Jewish Educational Media
Living Archive

The Living Archive contains a trove of priceless images and sounds spanning ninety years, providing a unique visual record of a dynamic community. The publishing platform has a built-in custom e-commerce solution.

Jewish Educational Media
Living Torah

Streaming solution to mobile devices of various type of video content that the foundation publishes on a weekly basis.

Benchmarking +
Peer Group Selection

Benchmarking Plus goes beyond the usual publicly sourced data to set standards that really matter. The platform leverages KPMG’s robust, proprietary database which gleans information from client engagements with 1,000+ private companies and large volumes of third party data.

Benchmarking Plus gives access to a rich, accurate data set from your distinct peer group and enables us to compare and analyze the most important KPIs against the most relevant benchmarks.

Benchmarking +
Natural Language Processing

Benchmarking Plus Natural Language Processing tool sanitizes client engagment files and extracts relevant KPIs to be used in the benchmarking reports.

Due Diligence
Assistance for Lenders

The tool enables the firm analyst to streamline their work in supporting financing banks and other institutions in their assessment of the financial performance of the borrowers on the various stages of the financing process.

Global Credit Loss Accounting Solution

Turn this disruptive force into a sustainable advantage.

KPMG Global Credit Loss Accounting Solution (gCLAS) is a powerful software application designed to help financial institutions cut through the complexity of IFRS 9 compliance by automating the necessary functions for expected credit loss (ECL) modelling, accounting and reporting for the measurement and recognition of asset impairment.

Contract Review Automation

Semi-automated contract review solution and variance tool integrated with the KPMG's Contract Management System. The tool has the ability to classify a contract as standard, non-standard and incomplete and display the differences vs. the firm standard templates

Knowledge Management Engine

The Knowledge Management Engine Sanitization Tool is an automated solution for metadata extraction from client engagement files, proposals and other various types of client facing materials. The tool has a built in sanitization functionality.

Lighthouse Technology Platform

The Lighthouse Automation tool will assist users in selecting the technology that best suits their engagement needs and further track the tools being used on each of their projects.

Whether it be a client engagement or an internal project, there are a number of visualization, advanced analytics, data storage and database systems, and ETL tools available upon request.


Advanced capabilities to work with unstructured data that cover a broad spectrum of topics from data acquisition, data processing, data mining, classification and social networking mining.

Self Service Benchmarking

Self-Service Benchmarking solution using the APQC data sets to compare and analyze most important KPIs against the most relevant benchmarks.

Transparency Reporting Analytics

Various ways of analyzing the Pharma manufactures payments made to physicians and hospitals (Compliance, Strategy, Operational, Financial).

Events Community Manager

IOS and Android applications supported by Ruby on Rails API and administration interface.

Attend or host events. Meet new and interesting people with similar interests.

Meals System

Responsive website and administration area, iOS & Android apps and more.

Crafted by chefs. Made with fresh, local ingredients. Prepared to solve your dinner dilemma in just minutes.

Healthcare Tracking System

Take all the hassle out of tracking your medications.

This easy and simple-to-use healthcare tool helps patients take medication on-time, according to the doctor’s prescription.