Re-create your potential

You keep seeking new ways to generate more added value through your employees and support them boost their productivity with the latest tools and solutions. We can facilitate your growth as a business in the digital world, while focusing on rich user experience for ERP systems and empowering your sales force, all incorporated into your enterprise-wide digital footprint.
As for designing and implementing fully integrated ERP solutions, we can provide the expertise you need, as we’ve encountered a great number of business cases. We’ve partnered up with some of the world’s biggest players like KPMG and Microsoft to create remarkable experiences that enhance the decision making process, raising human performance and increasing the user adoption rate.

Big Data Consulting. Search Strategy. Machine Learning


Rewarding UX delivered

In this digital era, all customers have developed high expectations and a great sense of usability when it comes to speed and interaction within every digital experience they face. It’s up to you to create and reinforce an amazing and undivided memorable user journey every step along the way.
At Sparktech, we invest our every day’s work in discovering new approaches to reinforce the balance between customer satisfaction and business performance via every digital touchpoint available.

Web & Mobile apps. CRM. E-Commerce